New Asphalt / Blacktop Driveway Installation

When considering a new driveway, cost is probably the most influential part of your decision. But besides cost, other factors such as maintenance, visual appeal, climate, durability and longevity also weigh in.

New asphalt installation is an option that offers many benefits to homeowners. It’s less expensive to install than concrete or brick pavers and can last for many years, especially when maintained with annual seal-coating. In addition, new asphalt / blacktop provides curb appeal and real estate value to your property.

Brick pavers can also be added as a beautiful accent to asphalt driveways along the edges and foot of the driveway (also known as the apron). If your budget doesn’t allow for a brand new driveway installation, seal-coating is another option to improve your existing driveway and extend its longevity.

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