Concrete Installation

When considering a new driveway, cost is usually the first thing people consider. But besides cost, other factors such as maintenance, durability, aesthetics and longevity also weigh in.

New concrete is an option that offers many benefits to outdoor spaces. It’s usually less expensive to install than brick pavers and can last for many years. In addition, new concrete installation provides curb appeal and real estate value to your property.

Flawless Masonry specializes in all aspects of poured concrete. We’re equipped with the best concrete materials and craftsmen available.

As a homeowner, you should understand the difference between “RCA” (Recycled Concrete Aggregate) and “R-mix-RCA”. “RCA” is 95% concrete, and the preferred material used as a base beneath paving stones and bricks. State-approved RCA provides excellent drainage, compaction and resistance to settling.

On the other hand, “R-mix-RCA” is a mix composed of dirt, clay, brick, asphalt and less than 50% concrete. This “mix” is a way for recycling plants to dispose of poor quality aggregates. R-mix-RCA is extremely low in cost and is prone to settling, buckling, water retention and unsightly weed growth between joints.

Flawless Masonry installs only State-approved RCA composed of at least 95% concrete.