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Eagle Scouts
St. Jude Sanctuary, Smithtown, NY

Flawless Masonry was contacted by Eamon Phelan of the Eagle Scouts. Eamon explained that as a rite of passage for the Scouts, he had to develop, manage and complete a community service project. His idea was to create a walkway as a sanctuary to St. Jude, to be located at St. Thomas More Church in Hauppauge. The walkway would feature engraved and non-engraved benefit pavers, 4 granite seating benches and a raised block platform that would highlight a statue of St. Jude. Eamon and his fellow Scouts would pitch in with the labor to construct the walkway and it would be a lasting tribute for a great cause.

Eagle Scouts Brick Project
Flawless Masonry worked side by side with Eamon and his fellow Scouts and although it was a hot and humid day, a beautiful sanctuary was created. Fontana and Sons masonry supply in Bayport provided generous help with the pavers and benches, and Eamon’s Mom Diane was a life saver with water and pizza!
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Long Island professional masonry work

Long Island Community Project
Flawless Masonry is proud to collaborate with such a hard working group for a great cause and we extend our thanks to all those involved.
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brick walkway

Smithtown St. Judes

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