Paving and Masonry Restoration

Paving Stone Sealing and Asphalt Seal Coating

Paving Stone Restoration

Flawless Masonry specializes in cleaning and sealing old paving stones and restoring them back to "like-new" condition.
patio restoration

With professional cleaning and sealing, we restore aging paving stones to make your patio appear new. Our products can remove all dirt and grime while reactivating pigments and enhancing the color. Sealing new pavers is also a great way to protect your investment. Sealing new pavers enhances and revives the true color of the pavers. We offer three different sealer finishes to choose from including: natural finish (strictly for protecting the pavers), matt finish (for a slight color enhancement) or, our most popular wet look finish (which gives a nice sheen high intensity color).

Contact Flawless Masonry > for paving stone sealing, cleaning and restoration today. Ask about other masonry services offered including new installation of patios, driveways, stoops, water features, waterfalls and more.

Asphalt / Blacktop Restoration

Flawless Masonry offers professional asphalt seal-coating. Sealing your asphalt / blacktop is extremely important to protect against changing climate and weather conditions. Seal-coating also protects the asphalt surface from oil and fuel leaks and will improve traction for drivers and pedestrians.

asphalt seal coating

The quality and purity of the sealant is extremely important for durability and longevity. Flawless Masonry uses only the highest quality seal coating products. Other contractors may dilute sealer with water, or mix it with inferior products for a cheaper option. Flawless uses only Velvetop slurry mix blacktop sealer which is known throughout the industry as the highest quality sealer on the market. Our seal coating services are applied by hand using quality brushes for maximum coverage and protection to asphalt / blacktop.

Prior to sealing a parking lot or driveway, it's important to fill all cracks to stop water from penetrating asphalt and expanding in the winter (which causes more damage to the paved area). Flawless Masonry seal coating uses all commercial-grade, hot application crack filling materials to best protect your driveway.

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