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Low Maintenance, High Impact Outdoor Spaces

When considering a new patio or hardscape design for your property, up-front cost is not the only thing to consider. Less expensive materials like wood, weather easily and require a lot of maintenance. The look and quality of wood quickly deteriorates over time, especially without ongoing maintenance.

In comparison to wood - brick, concrete, asphalt or travertine are all options that offer lower maintenance for a patio or any outdoor hardscape. While the initial cost may be more expensive, in the long run, these materials provide more value, less maintenance, greater quality and longevity.

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Flawless Masonry specializes in all aspects of asphalt, blacktop, brick and travertine. We're equipped with the top name brand materials and craftsmen.

Our architectural consultants specialize in masonry and landscape design to help plan your outdoor patio or hardscape project. Using the latest in computer technology, we supply 360 degree digital imaging so customers can preview the final project prior to construction.

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All paving, stone and brick-work is guaranteed for five years against any craftsmanship defects including settling. All of our paving stone brands provide a lifetime warranty against any defect in the material.

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