Masonry materials aren’t without their issues. Admittedly, severe masonry issues are the rarest of events. But there are some common issues that cause masonry damage here on Long Island. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the most frequent causes of masonry problems.

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1. Moisture Intrusion

As we all know, water is one of the gravest threats to any structure. From wood to sheetrock, excess humidity and moisture is usually a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Basically, moisture wreaks havoc on homes of any material. One of the many pros of masonry construction is its incredible resilience. However, moisture intrusion is one of the most serious causes of damage in stone and brick work.

Sometimes, masonry structures with a high exposure to the elements can absorb a lot of water. Therefore, there’s a severe compromise to their structural integrity. Usually, the water that finds it way into brick and stone will freeze, then melt. As a result, there’s a lot of pressure consistently applied to the structure. Often, in order to fix this damage, homeowners seek professional moisture control services.

2. Cracking

When it comes to frequent masonry problems, cracking is easily among the most common issues. Usually, homeowners don’t have to deal with cracking for many years after construction. However, in some rare cases, it can occur in newer buildings that were poorly assembled.

In addition, cracks can occur when a building settles. Also, excessive moisture intrusion can inspire cracking. If the mortar was poorly prepared throughout the construction process, the joints will often crack as well. And finally, natural disasters like earthquakes can apply pressure to the foundation. Ultimately, this can also cause cracking in the walls and joints.

3. Masonry Discoloration

While this may not necessarily affect a building’s structural integrity, many homeowners consider it a big problem. Usually, one of the biggest reasons people love masonry projects is because they add significant value to their home. Additionally, they can greatly boost curb appeal. However, when masonry undergoes severe discoloration, it can be very unsightly and damage that curb appeal.

Discoloration occurs when stone or brick is exposed to the elements. Rain, snow and sleet can wreak havoc on masonry and lead to ugly blotches and spots. Also, old walls and moisture intrusion can have the same effect. Often, homeowners fix this issue with professional masonry staining services. They can restore the original colors and texture or apply an entirely new, natural-looking aesthetic.

Conclusion – Flawless Masonry

At Flawless Masonry, we’re always here to provide Long Islanders with any and all masonry upgrades. We take pride in providing numerous benefits and exquisite projects for our community that will endure for many years to come.