It’s almost here, Long Island! That’s right, summer is approaching fast. For most of us, that means lots of sun, opening the pools, backyard parties and barbecues. In addition, this is the time of year when most Long Islanders begin to plan their home improvement projects! The most popular trend at the moment is outdoor kitchen installation. However, you have plenty of options for simpler and less time-consuming projects.

At Flawless Masonry, we’ve made it our mission to help bring the dreams and visions of homeowners to fruition. Additionally, spring is the perfect time of year to begin the process. There are countless flawless ways to upgrade your home. However, in this post we’ll outline some simple, less demanding ways to upgrade your home for the summer.

1. Garden Bench

Garden benches might be a simple addition to a backyard. However, you should never underestimate what a pleasant effect they can have. In the summertime, most of us spend a lot of time tending to our gardens. Obviously, it’s the time of year when our plants and flowers flourish and need maintenance. But plants and flowers aren’t the only way to give your garden an upgrade.

Essentially, garden benches are a simple, quick and painless way to give your backyard a certain ambience. Using bricks, stones or concrete as a base, garden benches are a fantastic way to improve your yard without spending too much time or money.

2. Ponds & Water Features

One of the most popular and foolproof ways to transform your backyard for the summer is a pond or water feature. There are many different size and visual options for you to choose from in order to select the best one for you. No matter the size or look of your property, there’s a pond or water feature that’s ideal for you.

If you want to keep it as simple and quick as possible, then a mini pond is absolutely your best bet. Mini ponds are the perfect choice for homeowners with limited backyard space, but who still want an elegant and attractive addition to their yard. Additionally, they’re perfect for those with budgetary concerns. In addition to being a gorgeous fixture to your backyard, they also help to create a serene and tranquil space. They can be decorated with any plants or wildlife you like.

3. Retaining Wall

When it comes to simple projects with stunning results, a retaining wall is one of the best. Basically, no matter how bland or dull your landscape might be, a retaining wall will make it absolutely captivating and give your home additional value. Usually, retaining walls are in place to hold back soil. However, their true value comes from their beauty and their decorative value.

With countless textures, colors and creative designs to choose from, you can customize it to compliment your yard in anyway you like. Smaller retaining walls can be easily built without too much worry or concern for structure. Usually, when a wall is four feet or higher, you should consult local codes. When planning your wall, you can mix and match stones, colors and patterns in order to give yours a fresh, artistic feel.



When it comes to summer on Long Island, there are countless masonry projects to help transform your home and yard. These three are definitely among the simplest and quickest to get done. However, at Flawless Masonry, no matter the size of your project, we can help you to plan, design and construct any masonry project you like.

Now that spring is descending on us, it’s time for you to start planning now! For more information on Flawless Masonry or our services, contact us today!