Naturally, a popular concern amongst homeowners is saving money. Therefore, a significant number of residents try to repair masonry issues themselves. Of course, we understand the desire to complete repairs without consulting a professional. In many cases, some people would rather save money than hire a repair service.

Which brings us to the question: can you, or should you, do your own home masonry repairs? Unfortunately, the answer is a collective, unanimous “no.” In this post, we’ve broken down the main reasons why you should never try masonry repairs yourself.


1. Masonry Work is Dangerous

Between equipment, materials and structural defects, masonry work can be very dangerous. Proper masonry repairs require a lot of preparation and a significant amount of safety measures. Additionally, masonry issues taken on by an untrained individual can often wind up getting worse.

A lot of these repairs require the use of professional equipment. In addition to this, very often they can be at dizzying heights. In many cases, equipment has backfired and people have fallen off ladders. Either of these can result in injury or even death.

Some have attempted to fix masonry problems in their structures or concrete driveways, with the incorrect assumption that the crack or dent was only on the surface. In these cases, the damage can sometimes extend to the structure. If you attempt to repair a weak structure yourself, it could wind up collapsing entirely. Structural defects are one of the most severe masonry issues that must be repaired immediately.

For the sake of your safety, you should never attempt masonry repairs yourself.

2. There May Be Bigger Problems

As mentioned earlier, sometimes people with the best of intentions can cause more damage than they fix. When it comes to homeowners attempting masonry repairs, this is usually the case. Very often, you may believe the problem is one thing, and find (way too late) that it’s something else entirely.

Usually, cracks and efflorescence aren’t the primary issue. They’re merely symptoms, or byproducts, of a much more severe issue. Unfortunately, these problems are very rarely in plain sight. Therefore, hiring a professional masonry contractor is the only sensible course of action.

At the end of the day, only a trained expert with the necessary knowledge and experience can detect these problems. Basically, if you discover a flaw or any sign of defect in your wall or chimney, call an expert. They’re the only person capable of assessing your home and delivering an accurate report of the damage. If you hire an expert and get the severe damage taken care of, you won’t have to deal with any irritating cracks and dents in the future.

3. It Will Actually Cost You More Money

Now this is the supreme irony – many people don’t hire masonry repair services because they want to save money. However, what they don’t know is that they’re almost certainly guaranteeing to spend a lot more money at some point down the road. Essentially, do-it-yourself repairs are (more often than not) ineffective, temporary band-aids against the core defects.

While masonry repairs can cost quite a bit, it’s absolutely money well spent. Additionally, it pales in comparison to the money you’ll have to spend if you don’t eliminate the problem right away. Many homeowners make the mistake of buying DIY repair kits or consulting Google, assuming that they themselves know what the problem is. Sadly, they usually end up not fixing the real issue or making the problem worse.

If you notice a masonry problem in your home, contact an expert immediately. The best course of action is to have the problem identified and repaired by a professional right away. If you ignore it, it will absolutely increase in severity and wind up being much more costly in the long term. Obviously, we at Flawless Masonry can assist you with whatever repairs you need. With our decades of experience, we can confidently identify the issue and collaborate with you on a repair plan.


Conclusion – Flawless Masonry

Whether it’s home repairs or designing an outdoor poolscape for the summer, you shouldn’t have to do this work alone. And when it comes to any kind of masonry work, it’s best left to the professionals. It will save you money and a headache, and ultimately keep you safe.

At Flawless Masonry, we’ve helped Long Island homeowners transform their homes, yards and driveways for years. Whether it’s driveway paving, landscape design or outdoor fireplace construction, we’ve done our part to beautify homes with expert masonry repairs.