Every Long Island homeowner knows what a beautiful addition brick and stone can make to their homes. From outdoor kitchens to new chimneys, masonry work is one of the most flawless ways to upgrade your home. Brick, stone and concrete make for some of the most strong and reliable construction materials. However, that doesn’t mean they’re completely impervious to the elements. Obviously, it takes much longer to wear away brick and stone. But it still happens, and it’s best to know when you need masonry work done.

Some masonry issues are definitely severe and need repair immediately, others are less dire. However, all of the following are signs you should consult a masonry contractor sooner rather than later. It’s important to know the signs of masonry wear and tear. So in this post, we’ll be discussing the signs that you need masonry work done. Obviously, you should never attempt any of these repairs on your own.

1. Bowed Brick (Bulging Brick)

When bricks bow, it means they’re sticking out or caving in around a specific area. Usually, this is from moisture that’s made its way behind the bricks. This humidity manipulates the concrete and forces them out. In addition, it softens the material (like wood or plaster) behind the bricks and causes the bricks to crack and sink.

Basically, this is a sign that something serious is going on just out of sight. Therefore, it’s important to call on a pro to get behind the bricks and figure out exactly what’s happening, then fix it.

2. Vertical Corner Cracks

When it comes to vertical corner cracks, it can just be a natural sign of expansion. However, while they’re not necessarily indicative of a serious foundation problem, they’ll let in heavy rains and lead to serious damage.

Fortunately, vertical corner cracks are a relatively simple fix for masons. Usually, they’ll repair it with either a urethane or epoxy injection, or with the installation of an expansion joint. This takes the pressure of expansion off the corners. Both are inexpensive solutions. However, both are definitely worth whatever price you have to pay, as they’ll prevent much more costly problems in the future.

3. Mortar Deterioration

This problem is pretty self-explanatory: the mortar between your bricks is buckling or disintegrating. Without ample material between your bricks, they’ll start to loosen up and grind against each other. Basically, this causes serious damage and warping, and consequently: high repair fees. Unfortunately, mortar deterioration can also become dangerous if left unattended.

However, if you call on a mason repair service in time, they’ll be able to replace or reinforce the mortar. Therefore, it’ll be a much faster, cheaper and painless solution. If you manage to take care of deteriorating mortar in time, you won’t need costly repairs in the future.

Conclusion – Flawless Masonry

With any luck, you’ll be able to get these issues repaired with minimal stress or disruption. And with these tips, you’ll be able to know precisely what’s going on with your brick or stone work.

Whether you need a quick summer project or a gorgeous new poolscape, masonry is every homeowner’s ticket to stunning home upgrades. At Flawless Masonry, we’ve been helping Long Island homeowners realize their ideal visions for years. For more information, contact us today!