If you’re a homeowner on Long Island, you should never underestimate the effect a masonry upgrade can have on your home. Masonry stone work isn’t just gorgeous to look at. It can add also tremendous value to your property. Additionally, it can give your home some very unique assets that are as practical as they are stylish.

Masonry improvements are a foolproof way to upgrade your home and impress guests and neighbors. You have countless project options that are bound to give your home extra value and style. With quality masonry work, Flawless Masonry will improve your curb appeal, fix deteriorations, add value and change the feel of your home entirely.

If you live on Long Island and are looking for unique ways to give your home more style and function, then look no further. Below, we’ve gathered seven flawless ways for you to upgrade your home. Any one of these projects can rejuvenate your home and help you to create the perfect place for you to relax, unwind and entertain. Your home should be your sanctuary, and investing in its improvement is always worthwhile.

1. Outdoor Fireplace

Nowadays, most homeowners looking to revamp their property are trying to create a specific ambience and “vibe.” Essentially, that’s why we do it, isn’t it? We’re all trying to make our homes the most welcoming, vibrant reflections of ourselves.

One of the modern trends in home improvement is the outdoor fireplace. When it comes to creating an inviting atmosphere, the outdoor fireplace is your ideal project. And if you’re the consummate host who’s passionate about entertaining, you’ve most likely considered this already. It’s perfect for parties, barbecues, or just simply relaxing in your down time. Your backyard should be a comforting retreat, and outdoor fireplaces are perfect for creating it.

A Gathering Area

First and foremost, the addition of an outdoor fireplace can instantly provide your backyard with a stylish focal point. It’s an immediate transformation. Once your fireplace is installed, it gives your backyard a central place to gather. Additionally, they’re not just perfect for parties. You can take advantage of their warmth and comfort whenever you like, all year round.

tall masonry fire place with chimney surrounded by stone veneer seating area

round fire pit with masonry seating area

Choosing the Right Location

Once you begin considering an outdoor fireplace, choosing a location is key. For a very large and spacious backyard, your best option is to install a second patio further from the house. Then, the fireplace can go directly in the center. This way, it will provide you and your guests with an additional gathering area in your backyard.

If your backyard has limited space, you can simply attach the fireplace to your existing patio. Also, you can simply attach the fireplace directly to your house. This will create the illusion of more space while making the fireplace a stylish focal point of your yard.

Proportion & Spacing

Proportion is very important when choosing an outdoor fireplace. First, you should have the exact dimensions of your backyard established in advance. This way, you know precisely what design will best compliment your space. It’s very easy to select a size that’s totally disproportionate and doesn’t work with your landscape.


Obviously, your primary concern should be safety. Fireplaces make opulent and stylish additions to any backyard. However, they can still be dangerous if mishandled. Check your local zoning ordinances before installing an outdoor fireplace. Also, do not put a fireplace near a wooden deck or any area with dry grass. Finally, always keep a fully-charged fire extinguisher nearby and ready to use in case of an emergency.

2. Outdoor Kitchens

If backyard parties are your forté, then an outdoor kitchen is your dream come true. Nowadays, they’re one of the most popular and sought-after ways to bring some extra vibrance to backyards. Additionally, they can be an extremely practical (and very convenient) addition to your property.

For the homeowner who’s passionate about entertaining and cooking, outdoor kitchens are a dream come true. Barbecues, refrigerators, drawers, cabinets, burners and sinks all meet outdoors to create a gorgeous and practical cooking space. You can even add a few additional touches like pizza ovens and spice racks for some extra flavor!

With countless customization options, outdoor kitchens can be tailored to fit any homeowner’s needs. The ideal location for an outdoor kitchen would be as close to your house as possible. Essentially, this will provide easy access to your utility lines. Naturally, you’ll need water, gas and electricity to get your kitchen working. Also, this will make it easier for you to transport items in and out.

Some Options for Your Outdoor Kitchen:

  • BBQ Island
  • Outdoor Kitchen Appliances: Refrigerator, Freezer, Blender, etc
  • Wood Burning Pizza Ovens
  • Built-in BBQ Grills
  • Kitchen-safe Pavers
  • Stone or Brick Ovens

3. Backyard Water Features

We’ve discussed the benefits of fire, now let’s talk about water. Another magnificent way to upgrade your home is a backyard water feature. They add a beautiful, serene touch to any backyard living space. A lot like outdoor fireplaces, they can provide an elegant focal point to your landscape. Additionally, they can create an atmosphere of serenity, relaxation and tranquility. If you’d prefer a backyard with a calm and soothing energy, these are perfect for you.

Mini Ponds

First of all, if you have a small backyard, you can still upgrade it with a water feature. Homeowners with limited backyard space usually install mini ponds. Mini ponds are the perfect way to transform a smaller backyard and create a serene atmosphere. Also, they’re perfect for the more budget-conscious homeowner.

rock waterfall pouring into backyard pool

Rock Waterfalls

A rock waterfall is perfect if you prefer the “organic” look. Stones and rocks are artfully structured to create the illusion of a natural water path. They also have the added benefit of peaceful sounds and a tranquil ambience. Basically, they add a calm and spa-like experience to any backyard. Rock waterfalls are perfect if you’re trying to keep the look of your yard as natural as possible.

Recirculating Pool Fountains

A simple (but extraordinary) way to improve your backyard is a recirculating pool fountain. Essentially, they look incredible but also have tremendous practical value.

Pool fountains use pumps to recirculate water in a way that’s also gorgeous to look at. Circulation is critical to keeping a pool clean. Recirculating pool fountains help to distribute cleansing chemicals. They also move water through the filtration system. So these fountains not only look great, they clean your pool for you!

4. Masonry Poolscape

Are you a passionate summertime host? Does your life revolve around backyard parties, barbecues, swimming and pool parties? Then a well-designed masonry “poolscape” is perfect for you. A “poolscape” is a landscape with a pool as the centerpiece. If you live for the sunshine and warmth of summer, you can turn your backyard into the perfect oasis with a poolscape.

This is considered the ideal summertime backyard asset, and rightfully so. A masonry poolscape is a magnificent upgrade to any home. Naturally, a pool makes a fantastic backyard focal point. However, a masonry poolscape elevates a backyard pool to a much higher level of quality.

The Masonry Stone

First, it begins with the stone. You can choose poolscape designs in countless textures, colors, designs, patterns, etc. Basically, your backyard pool can be a perfect match to the rest of your home’s aesthetic. Once you select a masonry contractor, you can begin discussions on the design of your poolscape.

pool scape with plant accents

masonry pools cape with plant accents

Accents & Plants

At first, it might seem like a trivial concept. However, you’d be amazed at the finished product if you consider accents and plants right away. Surprisingly, they can be massive factors in the overall effect of a masonry poolscape.

Try to look for accents that match the color scheme you’ve selected for your pool. During the spring and summer, any home improvement store will likely have a dynamic selection of decorative pieces to choose from. Sometimes, the right accents can be torches, sculptures or pottery. These accents add to the border, which creates a visual boundary that increases safety around the pool. Additionally, they help to create a cohesive look that compliments your landscape.

Plants are a fantastic way to add lush, extravagant greenery to your pool. Sometimes, a simple concrete border just isn’t enough for a specific backyard. Therefore, plants are a gorgeous way to liven up a poolscape and add some unique colors and texture.

5. Install a New Driveway

A new driveway is a fantastic way to upgrade your home, increase your curb appeal and give it some additional value. It has numerous benefits for homeowners looking to upgrade their property. Style? Check. Function? Check.

blacktop driveway with brick paver accents

Driveway Masonry Aesthetics & Resilience

If you are replacing your current driveway with a modern paving and masonry design, there are many considerations. Do you want a stone apron? Do you prefer cobblestones? Would you like pavers as a border or accent at the foot of the driveway? Or, do you simply want asphalt or blacktop to run straight to the curb?

Some of the more popular driveway materials we use are asphalt, paving stones, concrete, stamped concrete, crushed gravel, cobble stones, and travertine.

Paving stones are the most popular choice of driveway material used. They are very low in maintenance, but highly aesthetic, adding curb appeal to the entire property.

6. Patio Redesign

When it comes to patio redesign, it’s one of the most reliable ways to give your home a stunning transformation. With countless colors, patterns and textures to compliment your home and yard, a patio redesign can give your property a fresh, modern renewal.

Also, the right masonry contractor will make sure your new patio has the right base underneath to guarantee stability and endurance over time. Basic RCA (recycled concrete aggregate) materials are generally low-quality and buckle and crack over time. However, a competent masonry contractor will use state-approved RCA, which is higher quality and much more stable and resilient. Your newly designed patio will not only look amazing. It’ll also strengthen your home.

7. Install Brick & Stone Veneers

Are you looking to give your home the ultimate “facelift,” so to speak? A brick or stone veneer is a timeless and elegant way to utterly transform the exterior of your house. If the front of your home is dull and needs reinvigoration, then a new brick or stone veneer is your ultimate solution.

Additionally, not only is a brick or stone veneer the surest way to give your home some significant beauty. It’s also the strongest and longest-lasting way of siding a home. Some of the oldest buildings in the world are still standing because of their brick or stone veneers. Also, they still look incredible.

Brick/stone veneers are the ultimate combination of style and substance. They will transform your home, increase curb appeal and give your property an incomparable look. But also, they’re a resolute way to provide a structure with the kind of strength you can’t achieve with any other materials.



Obviously, each and every one of these projects are amazing ways to upgrade your home. However, that doesn’t mean that these are your only options. When it comes to masonry work, you have an infinite number of options to customize and refine to your liking.

With Flawless Masonry – a trustworthy and competent masonry contractor – the sky is the limit.

Ultimately, a home masonry project will give you incomparable style and the strong, enduring resilience of stone. Whether you’re looking to change your home’s look or protect it from disrepair, masonry is your answer.

So which of these projects will you do first? Will you warm up your backyard with the addition of an outdoor fireplace? Serve up summertime splashes with a gorgeous water feature? Or maybe enhance your outdoor culinary skills with a brand-new backyard kitchen?