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Long Island walkway company, Flawless Masonry, understands the importance of a front walkway. When adding curb appeal to the front of a home, the walkway makes a huge impact.

This is the first impression guests or potential home buyers have when seeing your home. Do you have a walkway that is a cracked, buckling, and getting progressively worse after each winter? How about unsightly weed growth that comes back year after year. Your Long Island walkway company, Flawless Masonry, would like to help.

First, we come up with a new design if necessary using our state of the art computer animated software showing the way that the new walkway would compliment the property before starting the installation process.

Next, it’s time to choose your materials. With a wide variety of materials to choose from such as paving stones, brick, blue stone, travertine, concrete and natural stones you are sure to find something that compliments your property characteristics and your personal taste.

Finally, additional structures such as piers, sitting walls and small garden walls can add dimension to a basic walkway.

Have a design in mind, or you’re just not sure what you’re looking for? Leave it up to your Long Island walkway company, Flawless Masonry, to accommodate you!


Browse our photos below to get ideas and inspiration for your new walkway!

slate stone walkway
long walkway paved from driveway to front door
red brick walkway in round design
pale stone walkway to front door of house
stone walkway from asphalt driveway with two steps
straight and long walkway from driveway to home
walkway along side of house
straight and long walkway from street to home
walkway side of house