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Brick Walkways For Smithtown Library

Brick ramp leading to a building with white doors and multiple large windows, demonstrating accessibility.
Flawless Masonry
April 24, 2024

Whether installing a new driveway or creating a new landscape design, Flawless Masonry takes great pride in the work we do. Not only do we transform residential homes but, also, public areas. These areas are used by the community at large, and we place a tremendous amount of value in that.

An architect with years of experience approached us to participate in a project for the benefit of our community. And, it was an offer we couldn’t possibly turn down!

The Masonry Project

We were recently brought into the Smithtown Public Library project for our masonry expertise. We created stunning new walkways, a seating/meeting area in collaboration with the architectural plans, and an indoor fireplace veneer covering. Flawless Masonry had just completed residential work for a Lead Architect at BBS Architects (Burton, Behrendt & Smith Architects of Patchogue), and they recommended us for this project.

These new features ultimately pay tribute to a true supporter of the Smithtown Public Library.

Smithtown Public Library
Architect Designed Meeting Area, Walkways and Indoor Tribute Fireplace

The new walkways are paved to run from the seating and meeting area, into the sitting gazebo, and through to Route 25A. The aesthetic elements of the seating/meeting area makes the entire section so much more distinct. Moreover, will be used and enjoyed by local Smithtown residents for many years to come.

As this project has been designed and constructed for the benefit of our hometown community, we had an enormous amount of reverence and pride in the work we did.

About the Architects

BBS Architects was founded in 1975 as a professional corporation of surveyors and engineers. In 1985, Roger P. Smith joined the firm as a partner. And, it was soon transformed into a nationally recognized architectural, landscape and engineering consultation practice.

Today, it remains one of the top educational facility designers in New York State. It was a tremendous honor for us to collaborate with them in this beautiful project.

Flawless Masonry

We were thrilled to play a part in a design put together by a local Long Island architect. A big thank-you to the Smithtown Public Library and BBS Architects for bringing us into this venture and allowing us to be a major part of this project. Take a look below at some of the pictures we’ve posted. Then, take a trip to the Smithtown Public Library to borrow a book and enjoy this beautifully designed and constructed masterpiece!