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Paving stones, blacktop, asphalt and concrete driveway projects

Thank you for considering Flawless Masonry to design and install your new driveway. We are expert masons and driveway installers, serving Nassau County and Suffolk County; including the Hamptons and Long Island’s east end.

With so many options for driveway materials (asphalt, concrete, brick pavers, etc.), it can become an overwhelming decision to make. Flawless Masonry will help you make the important decisions on your driveway, and provide the best service for your project. Regardless of style and design, your driveway paving and masonry will stand the test of time.

Driveway Paving & Masonry Design

The first thing we take into consideration is the layout of the existing driveway. It’s our job to make sure that the new driveway layout will work well with the landscape of the property, and create sufficient parking for vehicles.

If you are replacing your current driveway with a modern paving and masonry design, there are many considerations. Do you want a stone apron? Do you prefer cobblestones? Would you like pavers as a border or accent at the foot of the driveway? Or, do you simply want asphalt or blacktop to run straight to the curb?

No matter what design you choose for your new driveway, you can expect exceptional quality from Flawless Masonry.

Choosing Driveway Paving Materials

After designing the best layout, the next step is choosing the best material. The material chosen should compliment the property, have the best durability, and fit your budget. Some of the more popular driveway materials we use are asphalt, paving stones, concrete, stamped concrete, crushed gravel, cobble stones, and travertine. Paving stones are the most popular choice of driveway material used. They are very low in maintenance, but highly aesthetic, adding curb appeal to the entire property.

With such a wide variety of materials, our free 360 degree digital imaging makes it easy to compare prices and visualize the potential of your property prior to construction. These factors are what sets us apart.

Driveway Drainage

An important consideration is drainage. Some properties require a raised border, such as cobble stones or a decorative block, around the perimeter to support the difference in grade heights. Other properties require dry wells, drains, or re-grading. It’s important to us to make sure that when the job is completed, it’s as efficient as it is beautiful.


Browse our photos below to get ideas and inspiration for your new driveway!

Brickwork on driveway and design to show separation between driveway and walkway
Partially paved driveway with masonry stone designs on the outer edges
Brick driveway with simple design in the middle
Masonry driveway with scalloped designs on the end of the driveway
Beige stone driveway with simple design on the street end
Long stone driveway with walkway to the front door
Stone work driveway with large steps for walkway on the side
Crushed gravel driveway with flower bed in the center
Multi colored stone driveway with walkway leading to the backyard
Orange and gray masonry stone driveway
Paved driveway with stone walkway to the front door
Short driveway with paving stones in a simple design
Short driveway paved with stones