Serving Nassau County & Suffolk County, Long Island.

Thank you for considering Flawless Masonry for your outdoor fireplace or fire-pit project. While many landscapers or masons are only installing flat patios, driveways and basic steps, we employ some of the most experienced masons on Long Island.

We construct outdoor chimneys and fireplaces for both new and existing homes on Long Island. Our outdoor fire feature services include constructing fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and brick ovens.

Fire Feature Construction

Being knowledgeable about how the fire breaths and vents gives our installers the skill to properly install dampers, smoke chambers, flues and fire boxes. These components make up a properly constructed outdoor fire place. Many exterior fire places are constructed using manufactured kits, produced by paving stone manufactures such as Cambridge PavingStones.

If you can’t find a kit to your liking, designing and building a custom fire place is always an option when contracting with Flawless Masonry. We offer a wide variety of brick and stone finishes for your new outdoor fire structure. Adding a fire pit to your new patio or pool-scape not only creates an amazing focal point, but becomes a great area for family and friends to congregate.

Having a fire pit installed is very low in cost and a great way to give a basic patio some spark.


Powering Your Fire Feature

Fire pits and outdoor fire places can run naturally with wood burning logs, or can be constructed with gas feeds to turn on and off with a remote control. Gas powered fire pits and outdoor fire places can be covered with a new product called fire glass.

Fire glass comes in all different colors. It will cover the gas feed, so when the fire is turned on it comes through the glass and creates an amazing focal point. Supplying all the products and employing one of our licensed plumbers and electricians, we can expedite your entire fire project without delay.

Fire Designs by Flawless Masonry

Flawless Masonry will summarize and execute a plan design that fits your needs and compliments your property. When it comes to outdoor fire features, Flawless Masonry has the experience and vision to create the look you want in any style of outdoor living space. Whether it’s a planned event or an unexpected guest, an outdoor fire feature is sure to impress.


Browse our photos below to get ideas and inspiration for your outdoor fireplace or fire-pit!

Small round fire pit with chairs around it
Round fire pit with seating area
Modern rectangular fire pit powered with gas
Paving stones used for seating area around fire pit
Beige paving stones used for seating area and fire pit
Fire place and chimney built on outdoor patio
Outdoor fireplace made in a half circle with lighting features on the ends
Outdoor fireplace with wicker furniture around it
Square fire pit on patio
Square fire pit on patio
Round fire pit
Square stones used for fire pit
Rough masonry stone used for seating area and fire pit
Elevated round patio made with stones with fire pit in the center
Beige stones for seating area and fire pit
Red brick chimney for outdoor fireplace
Blue fire glass used in gas fire pit
Stone fire pit
Stone fire pit
Stone outdoor fireplace
Stone fire pit
Stone fire pit