On Long Island, we might be dealing with mid-Winter at the moment. However, before you know it, the warm weather will be back! It’s never too early to start preparing for backyard get-togethers or deciding which new outdoor feature will soon be the envy of your neighbors.

Backyard water features add a beautiful touch to your outdoor living space. For many Long Island homeowners, they’re the shining pride of their home and property. They provide a focal point to your outdoor landscape, and can have a serene, tranquil influence with gentle sound effects and a spa-like atmosphere. A lot like outdoor fireplaces, they can be a fantastic addition to your backyard.

Why not create your own backyard oasis? When choosing a water feature, make sure it fits within the composition of your yard and the space it will occupy, as well as the time and budget you have to install and maintain it.

In this piece, we’ve gathered some crucial information on some of the finest ponds and water features you can have installed in your backyard. If you’re thinking about adding one to your outdoor space, keep reading for some helpful information.


Long Island Water Feature Installation

One thing we can all agree on: water features can magnificently upgrade your outdoor space. And believe it or not, installing them isn’t nearly as difficult or complicated as you might think.

Flawless Masonry can professionally design and install your pond or waterfall. First, our design team will meet with you to discuss your optimal vision for your yard and create a fantastic design plan. We can create pond landscaping designs from simple and quaint to complex and extraordinary. Additionally, you can add as many stepping stones or decorative features as you like, and that includes wildlife and plants. Basically, it’s entirely up to you.


3 Types of Backyard Ponds & Water Features

When it comes to backyard ponds and water features, you have several different sizes and designs you can choose from. Essentially, depending on your backyard and your preferred design aesthetic, we can design and install the perfect pond.

1. Mini Ponds

Mini ponds are the perfect choice for homeowners with limited backyard space, but who still want an elegant and attractive addition to their yard. Additionally, they’re perfect for those with budgetary concerns.

In addition to being a gorgeous fixture to your backyard, they also help to create a serene and tranquil space. They can be decorated with any plants or wildlife you like.

2. Rock Waterfall

Waterfalls add gentle movement and peaceful sounds to your backyard. A rock waterfall brings you the added benefit of a natural look to your backyard. In addition, stones and rocks are structured to create an organic-looking path for your water feature.

3. Recirculating Pool Fountains

Pool fountains are a simple (but extraordinary) way to improve your backyard pool-scape. These waterfalls look elegant, but they also bring extra family fun to your summers.

Pool fountains employ a circulating pump to continuously recirculate water in a way that’s also pleasing to look at. In addition to being a lovely decorative feature, there are also a few tremendous benefits to installing a recirculating pool fountain.

As most homeowners know, circulation is key to keeping the pool clean. Recirculating pool fountains help to distribute cleansing chemicals through the pool and also to move water through the filtration system. So these fountains not only look amazing, they keep the pool clean.

Additionally, these fountains actually help to keep the pool temperature nice and cool. Why else dive into a pool on a hot summer day besides to cool yourself down? When the fountain sprays pool water into the air, it introduces oxygen into the water. Consequently, it helps to bring the water’s temperature down.



While summer time is still far ahead on the horizon, it will also be here before you know it. It’s never too early to take beautiful outdoor features into consideration. And Flawless Masonry is the perfect company to help transform your outdoor space into a gorgeous summer oasis!