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After constructing many retaining walls across Long Island, we have become experienced on how to tackle different property elevations and slopes. Property characteristics are taken into consideration. This includes drainage, sloping pitch, soil conditions, and surrounding structures.


The Purpose of Retaining Walls

When constructing a retaining wall, the first consideration is whether the wall needs to be built structurally or if it is just for landscape aesthetics.

For structural walls, we follow all the proper steps and guidelines created by the best engineers, architects and industry standards. Built-in drainage systems, geo grid reinforcements, various types of landscape fabrics and dead men are a few of the systems we follow.


Retaining Wall Materials

Some of the materials we use to build retaining walls are wood R.R. ties, stack-able natural wall stone, concrete block with a possible veneer, poured concrete, and interlocking retaining wall block systems. Due to durability and design, the interlocking retaining wall block systems have become the most popular over the last 10 years.


Flawless Masonry’s Retaining Wall Services:

A well constructed retaining wall will protect your home and landscape from runoff and erosion. Using a variety of materials and methods, we can design and build the right retaining wall that fits your budget.

Whether you need to manage elevation changes or simply want to add seating to your patio, Flawless Masonry has the experience to build a successful retaining wall.

  • Landscaping retaining walls
  • Seating walls for living spaces
  • Lighting fixtures on retaining walls
  • Drainage retaining walls
  • Garden walls and raised beds
  • New retaining walls for existing poolscapes and paver patios
  • Custom retaining wall design and material selection
  • …and more!



Browse our photos below to get ideas and inspiration for your retaining wall project!

dark stone retaining wall needed for backyard structure
dark stone retaining wall needed for backyard structure
dark stone retaining wall needed for backyard structure
beige stone retaining wall with staircase in the center
gray stone retaining wall and staircase to elevate to driveway from the home