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Brick Paving Stone Driveways

A split-level house with a two-car garage and a brick driveway featuring a herringbone pattern, surrounded by a landscaped garden.
Flawless Masonry
April 24, 2024

Brick Pavers – Driveway Design and Installation

When considering a new driveway, cost is usually the first thing people consider. But besides cost, other factors such as maintenance, durability, aesthetics and longevity also weigh in.

Brick pavers are an option that offers many benefits for your property. Although the initial cost of installing pavers is usually higher than concrete or asphalt, in the long-run, pavers offer financial value as well as little to no annual maintenance. In addition, brick pavers provide tremendous curb appeal and real estate value to your property.

Flawless Masonry specializes in all aspects of brick and travertine pavers installation. We’re equipped with the top brand name materials and craftsmen.

All paving, stone and brick-work is guaranteed for five years against any craftsmanship defects including settling. All of our paving stone brands provide a lifetime warranty against any defects in the material.

Flawless Masonry is licensed and insured in Suffolk County, Nassau County and the five boroughs. We carry high-limit liability insurance of up to $2mm. In addition, we carry workman’s compensation insurance which covers any employee, should they become injured on your property. Copies of both certificates are provided at the time of estimate.