Masonry contractor using a dry circular tile or rock cutting saw to trim rock siding for a home installation

3 Signs You Need Masonry Work Done

Every Long Island homeowner knows what a beautiful addition brick and stone can make to their homes. From outdoor kitchens to new chimneys, masonry work is one of the most flawless ways to upgrade your home. Brick, stone and concrete make for some of the most strong and reliable construction materials. However, that doesn’t mean  … Read more

Long Island community project of masonry stone pathway

3 Questions You Should Be Asking a Masonry Contractor

Good masonry work can do wonders for your home. There are countless flawless ways to upgrade your home with all kinds of masonry projects. At Flawless Masonry, we’ve been giving Long Island homeowners the upgrades of their dreams for years. However, every homeowner knows very well that finding a reliable contractor can sometimes be, well,  … Read more

Brick Cracking: What Causes It?

Owning a home isn’t always easy. Every homeowner has a horror story when it comes to disrepair or flooding. Sometimes, the problems can feel pretty overwhelming. Therefore, of course it’s natural to immediately panic at the first sight of a tear, crack, drip or break. At Flawless Masonry, we’re in the business of helping Long  … Read more

Masonry contractor using a dry circular tile or rock cutting saw to trim rock siding for a home installation

The Basics of Natural Stone Masonry

The art of constructing with stone has certainly come a very long way. Over the years, masonry construction has undergone a significant evolution. Not too long ago, Long Island masonry contractors didn’t have much to choose from. Nowadays, there’s overwhelming amounts of stone, materials, patterns and textures for contractors and Long Island homeowners to choose  … Read more

masonry fire pit added to small patio

5 Summer Patio Transformation Ideas

Spring is officially here! And, for Long Island’s homeowners, it’s time to start taking to our backyards to prepare for summer! For most of us, summer means backyard parties and barbecues. Obviously, we want our yards to look as vibrant and inviting as possible when we’re entertaining. When it comes to backyard masonry projects, there  … Read more

man quarantined at home looking at workers through the window

Quarantined? Here’s Some Easy Home Upgrades to Prepare for Summer

Right now, all of Long Island is experiencing the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. With the exception of essential workers, we’re all social distancing in our homes in order to inhibit the spread of the virus. While it might seem like there’s absolutely nothing to do, there’s a few ways for you to upgrade your  … Read more

Masonry patio around pool with built in fire pit and stone seating wall

3 Nice & Easy Summer Upgrades for Your Home

It’s almost here, Long Island! That’s right, summer is approaching fast. For most of us, that means lots of sun, opening the pools, backyard parties and barbecues. In addition, this is the time of year when most Long Islanders begin to plan their home improvement projects! The most popular trend at the moment is outdoor  … Read more

outdoor kitchen with masonry stone and countertops

4 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Kitchen This Summer

Spring is so close, we can almost taste it! We’ve come to the final stretches of chilly winter weather. And, for a lot of Long Island homeowners, it means time to start planning masonry projects! Most homeowners take their first steps towards landscape design, concrete driveways and masonry work this time of year. Basically, it’s  … Read more