At Flawless Masonry, we want every Long Island homeowner have the very best. We want our clients to beam with pride over our work. Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace construction, Cambridge paving stone installation, or driveway paving, we want you to love it. And we also want your neighbors to be jealous of it.

We want our services to be nothing short of outstanding. And that’s why all of our work meets or exceeds ICPI and industry standards. From our digital design team to our equipment operators, we’re committed to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Here, we’re going to break down and discuss exactly what makes Flawless Masonry, well…flawless.

N.Y. State Approved Aggregates

All homeowners should be familiar with the difference between “RCA” (Recycled Concrete Aggregate) and “R-Mix-RCA.” Basically, they’re two very different materials. One of them is the best you can get, and the other is…not.

Recycled Concrete Aggregate is 95% concrete and is the industry-preferred material used as a base beneath paving stones and bricks. State-approved RCA provides exceptional drainage, compaction and resistance to settling. Essentially, it gives your masonry work a much longer life. And it keeps it beautiful and flawless for years.

R-Mix-RCA is a mix composed of dirt, clay, brick, asphalt and less than 50% concrete. This mixture is a way for recycling plants to dispose of poor quality aggregates. R-Mix-RCA is extremely low in cost and is prone to settling, buckling, water retention and unsightly weed growth between joints. It’s cheap, it’s faulty, and we wouldn’t be caught dead using it.

Flawless Masonry uses state-approved RCA composed of at least 95% concrete exclusively.




Flawless Masonry is committed to providing Long Island with the highest quality service. We are fully licensed and insured in Suffolk County, Nassau County and the five boroughs.

We are fully insured with high-limit liability insurance up to $2 million. Additionally, we are equipped with workman’s compensation insurance that covers all of our employees. In the event of an employee’s injury on your property, they’re covered. We are determined to give our employees and our customers peace of mind and security.

Furthermore, copies of both of these certificates are provided at the time of your estimate.


Trucks & Equipment

Unlike many of our competitors, Flawless Masonry owns and operates its own trucks and equipment. Owning our equipment guarantees proper treatment of streets and property on or near the job site. Our competitors are more likely to go into the job site, wreak havoc on the surroundings, and leave without a second thought.

We remove fill and deliver aggregate required on the same day. While most companies use smaller aggregate plate compactors, Flawless Masonry’s compactors are large asphalt steamrollers and heavy-duty power plate compactors. Essentially, the equipment we use is superior and does a better job.


Owner Operated

The president and owner of Flawless Masonry, Devin Faello, is closely involved and supervises every project we work on. He makes sure that every task we embark on is executed to the highest possible standards.

Devin is involved in the earliest stages and collaborates with our designers. He also supervises the installation staff. All phases of the project are directly monitored and evaluated to ensure each job meets Flawless Masonry standards. Devin drives our teams with a fierce determination to do the very best work in the industry.


Brick-work & Paving Stone Guarantee

All of our paving, stone and brickwork have a five-year quality guarantee. Any defects in craftsmanship are covered by this guarantee, including settling. In the unlikely event something goes amiss after the job’s done, you’re covered. And the problem is immediately fixed.

All of the paving stone brands we work with provide a lifetime warranty against any defects in the materials.


Utility Mark-out

Prior to any construction or installation, utility mark-outs are completed. Utility mark-outs are a safe and effective way to identify the locations of all cable, electrical and sewage lines. This is another way for us to make sure that all the bases are covered for you.

Utility mark-outs may seem an extraneous routine. But we not only want your home to look beautiful, but ensure there is no permanent damage.


We take enormous pride in our work and want our clients to feel they’ve received an extraordinary service. It’s imperative for us to operate under the highest possible standards. We keep you in mind every step of the way and want you to love our work.

Contact Flawless Masonry today to schedule an estimate for masonry and paving work for your home!